What Is Numerology?

Numbers are symbolic in all aspects in our lives, both positive and negative. Pythagoras was credited with being the Father of Numerical Analysis or "Numerology". He was born around 580 B. C. and was taught by distinguished priest's and masters of that time in Greece. Numerology is the study of what numbers mean, and how they influence life. Numerology is considered the blueprint of a person's life. Each number has a vibration and an energy.

Who Are We, Numerology Speaking?

Before a person's birth, males and females consulted with their guides, teachers, and advisors. Together, it was determined when and where we are going to be born, the time and place, our parents, our gender, our names,and things we want to work on, during this incarnation.

Before birth,we have the opportunity to pick several personal preferences such as sex,gender,or Opportunities. Since we "Have Free Will" we are still expected to play by the rules (just think of the game Monopoly).

How Can Numerology Help You Understand Your Life?

Have you ever wanted to know why you are here?

What is your purpose in life? Why you are drawn to certain things? Why you strive for some things and other things you don't? What's missing in your life? These questions and more can be answered through a Numerology reading.

What's in a Name?

A person chooses the name that's on their birth certificate! Before entering this world. The name on the birth certificate, even if a mistake was made, still represent your personal numbers.

It's kind of funny, because my mother wanted me to be named Rhonda Leigh, but the nurses mistakenly thought she said Wanda Leigh. Personally,I think "Wanda Leigh" fits me perfectly.

What Can Your Date Of Birth Reveal?

Many things can be changed, such as your name. But your birth date never changes. The birth date represents important influences in our lives. It also represents the cycles that we work within. One can use the birth date as a general guide for the future.

What's A Numerology Chart?

The numerology chart is the center piece or the heart of the numerology reading and it unlocks the mysteries in one's life. A person's name and birth-date can unlock so many mysteries. The elements of the numerology charts are:

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