What is Spiritual Tarot?

One may think of Tarot as the old adage a picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Within Spiritual Tarot those thousand words are directed by a Higher Power. It displays a story about the question that is being asked, as the reader is providing a response to the question.

In Carl Jung's studies of the tarot, he called the tarot archetypes (pictures on the card) common human situations. Carl Jung the founder of analytic psychology, stated, archetype: An autonomous form in the primordial; psyche that structures and impels all human behavior and experiences.

A Little History About Tarot

Some say tarot was started 15,000 years ago in China, Near East (Middle East), and Egypt. Tarot also has roots in the Hebrew Kabbalah as a way to Talking to God. Many years ago, only the elite or royalty like kings and queens were allowed to use tarot. It wasn't until the nineteenth century that the average citizen used tarot.

Spiritual Tarot is NOT Fortune Telling

Spiritual Tarot is not a game, nor is it witchcraft or fortune telling. It is spiritual counseling.

Once upon a time I (Wanda) was afraid of Tarot, because, I was taught that it was the devils work. I have found that this is far from the and is a myth and definitely is not the devil's work. There is no personal devil it is a state of consciousness which opposes the Divine Good.

The reality is that anyone can take something good and use it for bad. That's the way of our world. Our goal in providing spiritual readings is to help uplift people and help them to see their best and highest good.

We want to help people overcome their challenges and help them to find possible solutions. However, we all have Free Will to make our own decisions in our lives. Therefore, nothing is edged in stone in the reading and we would never play games when it comes to spirituality.

A Little More Info About Spiritual Tarot

The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards. The deck are subdivided into two major themes; Major and Minor Arcana.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a deck. The Major Arcana Cards 0 - 21, provides major themes and visual metaphors of your spiritual journey and human experiences in your life. They depict situations that one may encounter in this life.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards and four suits in a deck and corresponds with the natural element (Fire, Water, Air and Earth). Minor Arcana cards and suits represents life is energies and experiences in our everyday lives.

Minor Arcana With General Meaning

The four Minor Arcana suits with corresponding general meaning are:

How Spiritual Tarot Is Used

There are numerous ways in which Spiritual Tarot can be used to enlighten your life. There are many spreads that can be used and even new spreads developed to answer the question that has been asked. Some of the popular spreads are:

The major arcana cards 1-9 cards are used as a nine cycle. Each represented by one year. The major arcana 1-9 cards also represents your personal birth card providing your main theme in life. We use a spread(s), personal and/or current year, etc., by which we are guided by a Higher Power to answer the clients question.

Hopefully, reading this information will enlightened you about Spiritual Tarot and now you will be ready to receive a reading from us. contact us

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