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Two Spiritual Sisters

The Purpose of Two Spiritual Sisters is to provide answers to individuals who are seeking to enlighten their spiritual awareness and come to the realization of just how powerful they really are and help them understand their true purpose in life.  

We are not in the business of trying to convert people towards a particular religion. God loves us all!  The information that we provide will always be helpful as well as uplifting.

We were all made in the image and likeness of God and that means we were powerful from day one.  We were not born into sin and shaped in iniquity as we were made to believe. We are all perfect beings because God is within each and every one of us. We have also had many lifetimes or incarnations that we still carry deep within us.

Our purpose is to help individuals realize their own perfection and help them overcome any obstacles that may be preventing themselves from receiving the blessings that truly deserve.

 Two Spiritual Sisters use Divinity tools which help to bring enlightenment to the individual through messages.

A picture is worth a 1000 words 

Please know that Spirit doesn’t always tell you what you” want” to hear, but Spirit will always tell you what you need to know. 

leafWanda L. Holmes

I have studied the Holy Bible since my early childhood. I used to have a children’s bible with great pictures and stories. It was reading and studying the bible that gave me a desire and quest to learn more “Spiritually”.

I have read numerous spiritual and religious books. I love God and my neighbor, so much so that I wish to ease the pain of so many hurting people. I want to provide truths and remove the misinformation that has plagued our lives, that is the purpose of our service and the website.

I am in Seminary and I am finishing my third year level courses and have completed some fourth year level courses. I have written and delivered several homilies (sermons). The sermons were all developed to help and uplift people. I have served as a healing vehicle.

I have years of study in Spiritual Tarot, Numerology and Mediumship. I have taught developmental courses in Spiritual Mediumship as well as business seminars.

I have participated in several spiritual Psychic Fairs and Spiritual Message Mediumship services at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel and other establishments.

I provide messages from Spirit using the tools that Spirit guides me to use. My focus is to help people.

leafLinda R. Greene

I have lived my life in the pursuit of uplifting my fellow man through various acts of service. This was a learned behavior because I grew up in a very religious family with parents who led by example as well as taught their children the gift of giving.

I am presently finishing my third year in Seminary and as a result have delivered many sermons, served as a healer and medium in my quest to help people reach spiritual enlightenment.

I found my life’s calling over thirty years ago when I started learning Astrology with my mentor. With training, I then began counseling and interpreting Astrological Charts for many who have come to me seeking answers to the many questions in their lives. I have also studied Spiritual Tarot and Numerology.

As a mystic, I have also used my spiritual gifts by teaching Mediumship Development classes and participating in Spiritual Message Services and Psychic Fairs held at the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel.

My goal is to continue to help others to realize just how powerful they really are and teach them that they can have, do, and achieve anything in their lives using their own inner tools which are readily available to them whenever needed.   

Disclaimer: The services that are provided are spiritual in nature and are not met for as medical advice.  Please consult a medical professional for all medical inquiries.

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